Why I want to be a kajira

Well, how can I start to explain, it is hard to understand, why one wants to be a slave. Let me first say, why gorean. On earth, slavery don’t have a good reputation. This is because people only have in mind, that being a slave is something very cruel and inhuman. And indeed, this is often true, because almost Masters thought about making money. Gorean slavery is different, but it is also real slavery. It is not fair, no rights for slaves, no emancipation, no feminism, but only hard reality of slavery. Well some woman are dreaming of a wonderful dreamworld of lovely Masters and they want to be his little princess. That’s not gorean slavery, that is no kajira.

But I wanted to be a kajira. Why?

As a slave I may still have feelings, I may still allowed to be a thinking human. As a kajira I MUST show my feelings and I am not allowed to hide anything to my Master. Maybe it’s a dark secret, that the real happiness ¬†for a woman is lying in the female slavery. I like to please men, I like to be beautiful, I want to find acceptance. To find acceptance to men, a woman needs to know, how men likes to see a woman. And honestly in my opinion, men do like woman as slaves. If I submit to a man, if I would accept my nature and be myself a slave, I would find acceptance I never thought before and I might be able to obey, to please and to be completely property of my Master.

It is a hard way, it is not fair, but this is the way, I am really free, free in chains. The freedom means, as a kajira I am allowed to be a female, to show my desire of being owned by a man, to show my will to please men, to show my beauty, yes to show my complete substance.

You can believe or not, there is no way to try, because the life of female slave is a consistent, totalistic and indissoluble whole.

La kajira!

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