la kajira – Yearning for Gor – english trailer (official)

la kajira – Yearning for Gor

Alduras and adira are living in a self-chosen Master slave relationship in a big european city. To make the dream of living the gorean philosophy come true, Alduras moves with his slave to a little caribbean island. In the beginning it is a awesome life, but since adira forgets her place several times, she makes the experience of true slavery. She is sold to another Master, stands on an auction platform in front of strange men, is owned by a local Master… strange culture, strange language, was that the life she had hoped for?

LaKajira – Yearning for Gor (2011)
Produced by Tanaris Media NV
Executive Producer: Alduras
Camera: Uwe Röper
Written and directed by: adira

Main actors:
adira / katibu
Cedric Janssen as Sjon
Giselle Keller as “G”

Music by Proud Music Library