la kajira – Yearning for Gor – english trailer (official)

la kajira – Yearning for Gor

Alduras and adira are living in a self-chosen Master slave relationship in a big european city. To make the dream of living the gorean philosophy come true, Alduras moves with his slave to a little caribbean island. In the beginning it is a awesome life, but since adira forgets her place several times, she makes the experience of true slavery. She is sold to another Master, stands on an auction platform in front of strange men, is owned by a local Master… strange culture, strange language, was that the life she had hoped for?

LaKajira – Yearning for Gor (2011)
Produced by Tanaris Media NV
Executive Producer: Gerrit Harre
Camera: Uwe Röper
Written and directed by: Dorina Harre

Main actors:
Gerrit Harre as Alduras
Dorina Harre as adira / katibu
Cedric Janssen as Sjon
Giselle Keller as “G”

Music by Proud Music Library

scrubbing the floor as a really new slave on Gor

adira kneels on the big stone terrace of that amazing building, which seems to belong to very important persons here on this strange world. She kneels which both legs closed, which I would learn later as the tower position, on my side there is a bucket filled with water standing

adira doesn‘t understand any word of the language on this planet, but she does understand well, what is supposed to do, as another girl gave her the filled bucket and pointed on the stoned terrace. At least she gave her a rep cloth and said something adira couldn‘t understand. The girl was wearing a short tunika, which show her body in a very beautiful way, her breasts were covered and she was wearing a belt on which a whip was fastened

adira looks to the girl, jerks as she command something and starts right away to scrub the stones with the rep cloth carefully. The girl disappears and adira finds herself as a slave on a strange planet far away from her home, from earth, where she was captured a week ago. Of course it is another planet, the air is clear and fills her lungs with fresh air and gives her power she didn‘t had before in her whole life

adira feels the sun shining hot and she wipes the sweat off her face. She cleans the rep cloth in the water bucket and wrings it out before she continue scrubbing the floor, kneeling or crawling on her four. After cleaning and scrubbing the first third of the terrace, she sees the water very dirty and stands up, takes the bucket and walks into the building, looking for the instruction girl

adira: instead of the girl she comes across a man, which is standing powerful in front of her. What kind of men are they? He seems not to be a gentleman, who would take the bucket and helps her carrying it to the waste tub and carrying it back with clean water. No he is a man of this planet, a barbarian man, just wild and not knowing, that adira is a intelligent and well educated earth woman. Doesn‘t he know how to tread a woman?

adira looks at that man and she remembers at the pain of the whip. No not again she wants to feel the whip and she kneels again in that position, which the instructor girl has shown her. The instructor girl almost is standing herself but once adira was her as well kneeling in front of such man, with the different that her legs were spread wide.

adira shivers while the man grins at her. He says something, his voice sounds not angry but… adira looks up to him and says „Sorry I can‘t understand you. I need fresh water“ and pointed of the bucket with waste water. The man laughs and pointed to small round stairs and makes a gesture which she understands as permission to continue her work

adira rises back on her feet and steps down the stairs, where she meets the instruction girl. adira points on the bucket and looks at the girl. The girls takes smiling the bucket and disappears. After one or two minutes, she returned with a near filled bucket and hands it to adira.

adira takes the bucket, smiles warmly to the girl and hurries back to the terrace. The instruction girl seems to be pleased! adira feels the first time on this planet herself happy. Maybe this could be not so bad, to life here on this world. She remembers at the man. How strong and powerful he was. She feels ashamed that she wanted to be touched by that man.

adira scrubs the rest of the terrace, once again she has to refill the bucket with fresh water, once again she returns to the place and finishes her chore. What is she doing here? Isn‘t that work of a slave? She touches the steel at her neck. Isn‘t that collar a sign of be property? She was leashed sometime like a dog. She was treated like an animal. But it couln‘d be true… slavery is forbidden! She takes again a deep breath, looks up in the sky where she sees three moons. This is not earth, On this world.. she thinks afraid, slavery is true. Touching her collar, looking at herself, kneeling naked on the stones, just finished with cleaning, being whipped she realizes and whispers with tears in her eyes „I am a slave!“


belt dance

The clearly difference to other dances (I know until now) is, the slave keeps below the Warriors belt and.. if I understood correctly it is performed with a Warrior. In this dance the slave wants to please him but it is very difficult, he is a warrior and she is not allowed to stand, she has to move her body on the floor, on her knees but careful not to go up too much. In the quote I have read that the slave finally went into the gorean bow position, which is very difficult and for me in real impossible (maybe with a lot of training). But a nice final goal to show, what the slave does to please the warrior.

How would I begin? I think I would show first my admiration to this warrior, how tall he is, how strong his body is, his muscles and power. I would kneel and look at him, I would crawl to his feet and let me eyes move up from his feet to his belt, my hands would near his legs, but not touching him, I crawl back, like I am too far to be interested by him, lowering sadly my head, shivering, I would huddle a bit away from him, maybe also scared of his power. Than to bring me back in front of him, I would perform either a struck of a whip (but this is more the intention of a whip dance) or just a changing in the music… more intensive, fast, more beats and more wilder, so I move my body in from of him, trying to get his attention, showing him my wishes to be touched, my wishes to be used by him, which could end finally with the gorean bow. The music should stop abrupt, so  would keep in this final position for maybe 10 seconds, before the warrior steps back and I stand before him breathing fast and sweated.

Approaching this dance, I would need a second dancer, a warrior and I would ask him for special wishes. Outgoing, he would not perform much more than stepping back at the end of the dance, I would think about the atmosphere, lighting, clothing, music… for clothing something simple, some silks (are pieced silks gorean or onlinism?), something which shows the beauty of the slave girl, maybe also naked.

I would describe the atmosphere and lighting, clothes in the first emotes, would describe the music in the different parts and then my feelings, my movements, at least the final emote, which I would have to share with the warrior how performs with me.

virgin dance

The virgin dance has on Gor different senses. Of course the meaning, that a white silk slave perform this dance as a virgin before her opening but also for red silks, with experience, with knowledge of her fire and understanding the power of men to a woman, to feel the helpless in his arms… but in a virgin dance, she would perform also the feelings of the girl, who will be ravished her first time. In this dance I would perform a little shy but scaring about the whip and knowing the exception of the Masters, I would perform, that I let me fall, being ready to please Masters, breaking down all borders and accepting to be just a slave, which has to please masters. The beginning could start with tied hands (for that I would need help from another slave or I just would emote this part as I would have been tied hands on my back). I would be brought on the dance floor with tied hands, maybe gagged, helpless vulnerable and beautiful, perfumed with nice make-up and bells on my ankles. Next step – when music begins – I need to be untied and I would start dancing, a little shy and listening to the music, looking to all Masters, thinking on of them could be the Master, who will open me. I would perform a Master touch my leg and I would spring back, looking to him, my heart racing… than the next, maybe some drum beats like a whip would change my movements and let me dance wilder, forgotten I am a virgin, hearing men crying „this is a red silk slut!“. At the final emote I would describe a wild slave, which has felt a little of her fire and which is ready to be touched by a Master. I would end it in whipping or submission position and the word la kajira.

For this dance I would try to find some helpers at least on or two they bring me on the dance floor, maybe some who play the music. Location, lighting like in my other dances.Of course I only could perform the virgin dance as a red silk slave, but maybe as one with little experience… after my final grade.

What does dancing mean for a slave?

1) Write a 500 Word Essay on what dance means to you, what you view slave dance is, how it touches you, and what you hope to get our of this course.

A slave dance… is something, I can‘t perform just by the way. It needs my full attention and I must feel my slavery plenary in his complete whole. That means to give oneself complete and do it personally for the Master. It is of course a very welcome way to please the Master, because he wants to own the complete slave with all her strengths, thinkings, feelings, fears, passion, love and weakness. There is nothing to hide, nothing to cover…and a dance opens the mind and spirit and let the slave be submissive totally. With the slave dance, I feel what I am and how the Masters sees me, it gives me a little power, the only power of a slave, to get attention of Masters and make them weak in a special way. It shows the Master the complete femaleness, merciless, absolute… and he feels his desire to own this female… because he is a male and wants to own a female. I for myself want to be a wonderful slave and I slave, which cannot dance.. how could she be a slave? I want to please the Masters like they want to see females and that is why I wish to learn dancing in a way that pleases Masters. It is more than a beautiful body. The body is nature and surely not unimportant, but what is a female doll for a Master? He can also watch drawings or paintings of naked woman, but this is not really fully pleasing him. The female slave has much more to give than a stupid empty brainless body; she can present this beautiful body, she can move it in a way, where special parts are accented, combined movements with music and going to tell stories without words but with the whole body and mind of a slave girl, that is wonderful and impressive. And at least dancing must be learned and needs lot of practice to become a good dancer. No one is born as a perfect dancer, but all females are equipped with the needed stuff to learn dancing. Learning dancing shows a Master, that a slave is not lazy. Only a lazy slave couldn’t dance, so the better a slave can perform a dance and impress Masters, the more and harder she had worked on it. A Master is proud of a slave which knows her place and what is expected of her. She will work hard to please him well.

That is the reason for me to be at the GPSU! I hope I will learn to have a feeling for the different gorean slave dances, to be able to perform right away if a Master wants me to dance and impress with amazing dance knowledge to please all Masters well and make my owner proud. I hope to be corrected in wrong thinkings and also to feel when I am on a good way. I hope at the end of the courses I can call me a kajira (not just by name but a real kajira)

who is adira (adira.quirina)?

I see myself as a gorean girl. I was not born on Gor, so surely I am a barbarian… but listen my story and judge at the end.

It was a very long time ago, I was a very young girl, when I was reading about slavery. I had read with interest and in my deep heart I felt something strange, which I didn’t understand. I was wondering, how I would have felt as a slave, but I spurned this far away.

I found my profession in civil service and moved up into a leading position. I had had a nice job, my own house and two cars, but I wasn’t really happy. I didn’t know why. In my dreams I remembered often at the slavery books, I had read years before and I woke up, wet sweated and screaming. No, no, I shacked my head and didn’t want to believe that my feeling could be true.

On one day, I was at work, a man was looking for my service. He was strange, different to other men. He prophesied to me, that I would find myself soon as a woman which could be sold like an animal. Than he disappeared.

I don’t know what exactly happened afterwards… I remember a had a drink which a strange taste and I fall asleep.

I woke up chained and naked. I was wearing a collar! I was brought to Gor! After I was taught in some basics I was sold to a warrior of Port Olni. He got me as an untrained slave very cheap and he decided to sell me to the city.

I accepted my new life as a slave very fast. I seemed to be used in this thinking before, because of my dreams, I don’t know, but I improved fast and well and my Master was very surprised and kept my against his former plans. I had slave sisters, some were sold after a while, we were 7 slaves at the chain, when I was made his first girl.

Because of an attack to the city, my Master was capped and I was taken from him and sold on the Market of Cos by a merchant who was travelling with me and 4 other slaves to many gorean cities. On time on his travels my Master, the merchant met the slaver Alduras Firehawk and sold me to him. This is my actually Master. He saw me dancing and wanted me to be a lovely dancing kajira. He taught me and soon he brought me to the gorean university to learn dancing and improve my knowledge being a great gorean pleasure silk slave. I am really a gorean slave and nothing else could had been better for me, than being brought to Gor as a slave… a gorean slave!

La Kajira!